Happy Mothers Day!

8. May 2016

My mom is definitely my rock. Alicia Keys Happy Mothers Day! I hope you all are celebrating this day or at least thanking your mother for all the effort and things she does/did. Somehow I feel sad, that this year I cannot hug my idol and kiss her on the cheeks. But still, this doesn’t mean that I’m not dedicating my thoughts towards her. (Mum, if you read this – thank you, for everything – I LOVE YOU). It doesn’t…

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Tips: 10 Tropical Holiday Essentials

2. May 2016
holiday packing essentials

Travelling from wintery Switzerland to the other end of the world needs really some preparation and planning. Furthermore, as my last travel to a tropical destination is some time back I had some struggles (and still am). Actually I am a super duper procrastinator when it comes to packing suitcases. I know every time that I’ll leave it until the last minute, get super stressed and forget important things at home or pack unnecessary stuff 😛 Sounds familiar to you?! Then read…

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How to make most of your commuting time

29. April 2016

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time travelling to work or school from our homes. No matter your chosen mode of transportation, there are habits we can adopt to be more productive during this time that could otherwise be wasted. Especially this past week I really tried to make the most of the time while commuting. Because often I don’t want my time in the train to be absolutely nonsense. Read on for some tips on how to…

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