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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Creamy and Dreamy

flower crown - Micha, dress - c/o chicwish, rings - c/o golden eight

Good Morning :D

I think this is the most dreamy dress I own. I got it the last week from chicwish and fell totally in love with the fabric and the beautiful embroidery and decoration on the dekolleté. Unfortunately, the weather is not on my site right now here in Switzerland so I took the photos inside because I really wanted to show you the dress. And of course, paired with a flower crown and these wonderful delicate rings it would be a perfect wedding dress or something for a very elegant occasion.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

America in Planning

Hi guys! 
I cannot tell you how excited I currently am. Started packing my suitcase and sorting out all paperwork that has to be done before heading off to America. I'm not sure have I told you that it is the first time I'm traveling overseas? Well, I've been to Asia before but never to the land where all dreams come true. 
Me and my family are going for three weeks and our first stop will be.... Miami!!
Then next we'll stay at a lovely Resort in a small town (guess so) close to Toronto. So we want to visit the Niagara Falls over there. And our last (but in my opinion the most exciting) stop will be New York! 
I'm still figuring out all the stuff I need to pack and also some most important places I want to see... 
I'd be super happy if you can tell me some must-sees or spots to eat and other experiences! Any recommendations are super welcome :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blue Blur

flower crown - Micha, shirt - primark, skirt - chicnova

Hi friends!

This is an outfit from some days back... But however, I thought to share it also on here as I did also on my lookbook ;)

Finally, I wrote my last exam yesterday. Oh yes!!! Now I think I'm slowly switching to 'vacation mode'. Well, to be honest, right now I feel extremely tired and could sleep forever. Slowly catching up on sleep and running around to get everything ready for the trip. And also trying to reorganize the present chaos on my laptop and desk in my room :S That's what happens when you just focus studying and postpone everything until you have more time. I guess that's student life, isn't it ;)

Now you can prepare yourself for many posts :D 

Thursday, July 3, 2014


dress - choies, bag, cardigan - thrifted, shoes, rings - topshop

Hi guys!

This is the second bunch of the photos I took with Francesca :) However, compared to the previous one this is styled a bit more 'granny' like. It's more casual and with the loose cardigan and glasses looks quite vintagey. As I still have some more exams, I'll head back to my books now :P Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Instagram June

Oh my! I can't really believe that July is already here... Even though, June was basically a month full of studying and long library visits I did enjoy a lot of other events as well. I realized that I was quite active on Instagram and thought it would be nice make a look back here on the blog :) And of course I'd be super happy if you follow my instagram @michaelablog. 
As the weather was so super warm at the beginning of June I went to the local flea market which I haven't been for a long time - found me love wearing Birkenstocks, they're too comfy - saw Kings of Leon which was perfect!!! - Ate so many sweets and chocolates - lovely family celebration - flower crowns of course - great shooting with Francesca :) 

And for the new month I'm so excited - it's time to tell you: I'll be traveling my very first time to America!!!! Omg, I'm already so nervous and excited! Planning the trip instead of learning ups ;) 
I'll go with my family on vacation and apart from relaxing we'll visit three major cities!! So cool! 

Stay tuned for new updates and photos :D

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