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Last Half Year

collagye Last Half Year
After a lot of traveling in the first half of 2012 a new chapter in my life started. I moved to another
city and started university. I got a beautiful room on my own which is very close to university and has
 an amazing view over the town

Had again to study and get used to a regular daily routine. And I think blogwise I started to post more
 often and also more fashion related things πŸ™‚ In the december I baked a lot of cookies and cakepops for
 the local Christmas market in my town. 
In January I have to study a lot for my first exams (which are very important!) And if everything
works out somehow I’ll do a short holiday trip in february abroad. 
And to all of you my lovely readers I want to sent a biig hug! I thank you so much for your
support! You keep me posting on this blog and make my day 
Kiss Michaela
Dreaming Inspiration πŸ™‚
Happy New Year!!

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