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Flower Inspirations

8291004781_d8235d8a26_b-749x1024 Flower Inspirations
8291005431_c9730142d8_b Flower Inspirations
PC175081-1024x768 Flower Inspirations8291011721_d397d08b9f_b-749x1024 Flower Inspirations
8292062112_345e7b4ffe_b Flower Inspirations
PC175051-1024x768 Flower Inspirations
P2046253-1024x929 Flower Inspirations

I just want to be covered in flowers so I styled my own look inspired by the wonderful photographs above ๐Ÿ™‚ . I feel like these photographs are wonderfully modern with an old Romanticism feel. Floral arrangements by Amy Merrick, hotographs by Parker Fitzgerald.ย All my flower crowns are available Here

Galactic Snow
Fluffy Whites

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