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Guess Dress and Grass

DSC_3154copy-768x1024 Guess Dress and Grass

DSC_3162copy-730x1024 Guess Dress and Grass
DSC_3167copy-729x1024 Guess Dress and Grass
DSC_3172copy-684x1024 Guess Dress and Grass
DSC_3177copy-695x1024 Guess Dress and Grass
DSC_3183copy-684x1024 Guess Dress and Grass

dress – Guess / flower crown – Micha / watch – tissot

What crazy and super exciting days behind of us. We’ve seen so many amazing places in Berlin and  Copenhagen! And also the weather couldn’t be more contrasty from super hot 35° to cold rainy and windy weather. So while you are reading this post we already have our suitcases packed and are soon hoping on a train to our next destination 😀 . There is nothing better getting to explore historic and vibrant cities in Europe. If you want to get more live updates, make sure to follow me on my Instagram. I will still update you on here but probably less frequently as I really want to explore and trying to enjoy the vacation the most and therefore my goal is to cut the ‘Online’ time.  But first I want to share with you my deep love for this white summer dress! Honestly I fell in love with it and it’s so super fluffy and perfect for hot summer days 🙂 By the way, it’s now even on sale (I ordered it earlier unfortunately eheh).

 photos by Francesca 


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