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How to focus on that matters most: you

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hat – River island / jumper – Asos / blouse – HM / bag – mint&berry /jeans – Topshop / boots – Kurt Geiger /
watch – Diesel* / necklace – Swarovski   — photos by Julien —

“I don’t know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone around you.”
(Bill Cosby)


It not only feels like an eternity since my last post but it’s one of the longest breaks without posts. Good or bad reasons…. I had to take a step back and really focus on myself. It was a very tough time as I got hit by the flue already before the trip to London. And of course being in my favorite city there is no time for sleeping and curing the flu. So the following week I felt really so so sick – actually I cannot remember having felt that sh** in my life. I got medicine and from then on the flu got slowly better however for the next seven days I was not even able to watch TV or read a book – I was just sleeping. This made me realize that I might have asked to much from myself and so I told me to take the time and heal. The outfit photos where taken some time ago. Going with basic pieces feels so good after a working week in the office. And have you spotted the beautiful Swarovski necklace?! I am so proud of it as I was given to me as a present and apparently it can not be bought by the public 🙂

It is not easy as because our decisions and choices are too often influenced by outside factors – the expectations from your family and friends, what you want people to think you are like, and what everyone else is doing. Though we’re usually in denial about this, subconsciously, there’s truth to it. You can quickly tell you’re headed in this direction if your inner workings, deepest desires are lacking fulfillment, you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated to chase what you’ve been wanting to reach, or you’re just patently in despair. And let’s be honest, Social Media is a driving factor in this concern. So what now? Sounds like you need to do some soul searching and focus on what matters to you most: Yourself. For me this is something super hard as I have actually pushed myself always too far ans especially not caring a tiny bit about my body… And the payday comes along with lots of health issues (might do a post about this in the near future)

The focus on you and only you is difficult in nowadays society.
Here’s how to do it:

Shed the Expectations
The very first step to focusing on yourself is to stop worrying about everyone else around you. You need to accept that you will disappoint someone and there is always someone that does not agree with you. It is solely your decision to filter these demeaning perceptions – you need to realize that your security comes from yourself and not the affirmations of those surrounding you.

Separate Culture Clashes
For a lot of us, it becomes difficult to focus on ourselves when there’s a clash of cultures and family values. Seriously, I could be whatever I want to be when I grow up? I should pick a path that makes me happy? Is this really possible? The emphasis on family, its reputation, and image was the focal point of my decisions. And then there was always the existence of comparison – constantly being compared to my contemporaries. These influences will always be present, but it is solely up to you to allow that light bulb to come on and understand that 10 years from now, it’s up to you to built your success and happiness. Yes, you must never forget your roots, something that never really modernizes even as times change, yet something that defines who you are.

Be Honest With Yourself
What you believe, you become so really take some time to think about what draws you in. What are you really passionate about pursuing? What makes your heart beat? Life is always in move, but are you unwavering – are you who you truly want to be? Think about these things and who you envision yourself as, then build around that. Also, ingrain in yourself what you believe to be true, shift your perspective, and don’t be afraid to allow yourself to come through.

Be in Control of Your Potential
Take action. I was always told the sky is the limit, but really there is no limit except yourself. Believe that everything is possible for you have some control in that possibility and then go out there and maximize your potential. If you don’t try you will never know what you are capable of!

Outfit: Transition Time
Outfit: French in February

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