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Outfit: Transition Time

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”
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hat – River Island / dress, jacket – Topshop / bag – mint&berry /boots – Kurt Geiger / watch – Diesel*
photos by Julien

Turbulences  – this might definitely one of the often used words. Not only economically and politically but also weather wise – the environment is subject to change. As a Swiss citizen the upcoming election will have a big impact on the future. The current discussions in the European Union and also the hot conversation topic of the Grexit do strenghten the uncertainties we are facing.

A bit of a lighter topic is the current weather. It is playing crazy and temperatures are moving from -10° C to +10°C and back again in a time span of 3 days. On Sunday I was walking in the sun in light clothes and now I would not dare to leave the house with a thick winter coat and warm scarf. One day you think spring is around the corner and the next day you feel the uggly cold and rainy air on your skin. And actually, I don’t feel like winter eighter as there are no in white snow covered mountains around me…

So following the current struggles, this outfit reflects my mood of disorientation (hopefully mostly in a metaphoric way)  😉 Mixing a flowery spring dress with a brownish more autumny jacket. It is still to cold to wear the dress on it’s own but for a short city (window) shopping trip to hot for a thick coat. Ah and like the weather changes so also does my mood – one day I love it super comfy as HERE and the next day I could not imagine walking out of the house without a girly dress and sweet handbag 🙂

As I think we will still be stuck with one or more winter days there will be some more winter inspired outfits before I’ll show you some of my shopping treasuries from London 😀

How are you feeling about the weather? Are you a bit confused as I am?

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