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Peace and Patience

Blumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-11 Peace and Patience

„Find your happiness in the little things“

What is wrong with this world lately? Terror and intimidating news are happening nearly every day. And it is not anymore only far away from us. It doesn’t matter anymore where you live, basically everywhere something tragic could happen. I am speechless. And it makes me sad and thoughtful. These past couple of weeks have been rough. Just as we’ve begun to process one tragedy, another strikes, and we’ve been dealing with feelings of depression, anxiety and helplessness. We know we’re not alone in this, as every conversation lately seems to revolve around how bad things in the world are turning, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take simple steps to make ourselves (and in turn, others) feel a bit better. I want to share three ways what can help you every day:
Blumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-1b Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-2 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-5 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-3 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-4 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-6 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-6a Peace and Patience Blumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-7a Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-8 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-9 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-9a Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-10 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-3a Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-10a Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-1-1 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-12 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-7 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-12a Peace and Patience

Find a small ‚win’ every day.

It’s important to appreciate the little things. Be present and find happiness in small things. For me it is to be able to go out on the weekend and pick up fresh flowers at the farmers market and decorate my room. I feel so more alive and happy when I have flourishing plants in my room. An other small thing I noticed and makes me happy – it might sound stupid but still I want to tell you that. I was actually about to throw away my orchid because for more then 1 year it did not have any flowers at all. But then a month ago I decided to give another try and just be patient, put the flower to a different place more in the sun and watered it more carefully. Incredibly, now the buds are springing and soon the blossom will open 🙂


Work it out!

Excersise releases endorphins that make us feel better, Try to vary your workout routine and step outside outside your comfort zone exercise-wise at least once per week. In the process you’ll expand your mind and expose yourself to new people. This is healthy and gives room for enabling tolerance.


Meditate or read a relaxing book

These methods help you to reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety. They improve your life quality and will help you in the long term to keep your inner balance and peace.

As I do love colorful and flowery patterns and clothing, dressing up with at least one bright piece of clothing helps also to lift my mood. This daisy skirt cheers me up and in combination with the light yellow blouse a smile appears on my face. I know that I can’t change the world but I try to work on myself and cheer up, share and inspire on a small scale. As I fashion lover I find a bit of happiness in a piece of clothing, often also when I get an old item out of the back of my drawer about which I already forgot 🙂

I hope you feel better too. Keep your chin up to the sun! A happy and joyful Sunday <3


Lots of love


Blumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-13 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-13a Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-15 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-17 Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience-extra Peace and PatienceBlumenmarkt-Flower-Skirt-Peace-and-patience Peace and Patience

hat – Topshop / blouse – mint&berry / skirt – mint&berry / shoes – Pier One / bag – vintage

photos Julien


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