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Modern gipsy or digital nomad?


Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-2 Modern gipsy or digital nomad?

“Some are born to play it safe Others are born to live it wild.”― Nikki Rowe

Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-4 Modern gipsy or digital nomad?Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-3a Modern gipsy or digital nomad?

Hey guys! How are you?

Lately the traveling trend has become so present and popular all over Social Media. Many young people start freelancing or found their own company. The power and inspiration you can find in this career path is rewarding and full-filling. I am sure you have heard about the term ‚Digital Nomad’… Basically, it’s remote working from where you are at the moment. You are not bound anymore to a specific location for work purposes. No matter if London, Zurich, New York, Sydney or Hawaii – the only thing that matters is a reliably working Wi-Fi network. Therefore, you are able to explore the world and still earn a living.

The digital (r)evolution is undeniably changing the ways we design and live our lives and open up many new possibilities. For sure it can be super freeing to be your own boss and live in full independency. However, this choice always brings a lot of uncertainty and insecurity with it.

Some of us (including me) might choose to rely on a more stable network. At least for a temporary period of time. Even if this means to have a fixed work schedule and being less flexible it can be extremely satisfying. You know that for the time being your routine is more predictable. However, the trend even there is towards rising commuting times. For certain purposes or preferences, we live further away from the work place. Therefore, in some way we are all gipsies but on a smaller scale.

Take me as example, I travel every day 2-4 hours within Switzerland – actually always the same routes but this is for incredibly calming and I could not be happier to sleep at the end of the day in my own bed rather than a strange hotel bed. It’s funny when I talk to people, many cannot understand how I can travel all the time – but I love this (half) gipsy lifestyle. But I do not doubt that also having no fixed home base can be really exciting.

In the end of the day, I believe that it depends a lot on your personality, lifestyle, priorities and life goals. Whatever lifestyle we choose – Personal happiness and well-being should be the top priority. Do you want to live a Modern gipsy live? Or do you prefer a more stable environment?

jacket – Levi’s / sweater – Samsoe & Samsoe / skirt – Joins* / shoes – Vintage (similar) / watch – Diesel* / jewelry – Swarovski

Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-5 Modern gipsy or digital nomad?Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-7 Modern gipsy or digital nomad?Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-6 Modern gipsy or digital nomad?Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-5b Modern gipsy or digital nomad?

Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-5a Modern gipsy or digital nomad? Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-7a Modern gipsy or digital nomad?

“I have always considered myself a person with a gypsy heart, and I Surrender my dreams to my soul, for it’s a free sprit who believes in no boundaries of region and religion.” ― Megha Khare

Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-7b Modern gipsy or digital nomad? Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-slider1 Modern gipsy or digital nomad? Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-slider Modern gipsy or digital nomad?Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-10 Modern gipsy or digital nomad?Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-9 Modern gipsy or digital nomad?Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-8a Modern gipsy or digital nomad?Swarovski-gipsy-collection-Michaelablog-8 Modern gipsy or digital nomad?

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