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The Beauty of Summer Vacation – Alsace


Zalando_Colmar_Alsace_Stadtetrip_Guide_Summer_Holiday_1 The Beauty of Summer Vacation - Alsace

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

Summer is the most beautiful time to go on holiday, explore new places and enjoy the nature. Is it a relaxing beach vacation or a city trip – the possibilities are endless. After my tropical timeout in Bali with lots of Yoga, Vegan food and magic nature, I spent a few days with my family close at the Swiss border.

I never thought that so close to my home country there are so pretty medieval French villages. Surrounded by endless grape vines and castles, the Alsace is not for nothing world-famous for its excellent wine.

Because we took our dog with us we rented an accommodation only for us (a super cute house). And from there we explored the region and we went also on the castle hike.

 Zalando_Colmar_Alsace_Städtetrip_Guide_Summer_Holiday_1 The Beauty of Summer Vacation - Alsace Zalando_Colmar_Alsace_Stadtetrip_Guide_Summer_Holiday_5 The Beauty of Summer Vacation - Alsace Zalando_Colmar_Alsace_Stadtetrip_Guide_Summer_Holiday_4 The Beauty of Summer Vacation - Alsace Zalando_Colmar_Alsace_Stadtetrip_Guide_Summer_Holiday_3 The Beauty of Summer Vacation - AlsaceTower of the Village Bergheim 

Zalando_Colmar_Alsace_Stadtetrip_Guide_Summer_Holiday_7 The Beauty of Summer Vacation - Alsace

Food & Drink

Unfortunately, food wise it was very hard to find vegetarian or vegan meals, because most of the traditional food has a meat base… But nonetheless, it’s worth to indulge the evening in the garden of a cute restaurant and taste the great wine.

Zalando_Colmar_Alsace_Stadtetrip_Guide_Summer_Holiday_9 The Beauty of Summer Vacation - AlsaceVor ‘unserem’ eigenen kleinen Häusschen <3 // In front of our own house <3

Zalando_Colmar_Alsace_Stadtetrip_Guide_Summer_Holiday_11 The Beauty of Summer Vacation - AlsaceDress via Zalando and beloved Sandals (super comfy!!!) from Satorisan

Zalando_Colmar_Alsace_Stadtetrip_Guide_Summer_Holiday_10 The Beauty of Summer Vacation - AlsaceMy favorite spot featuring my beloved dress from Topshop 

See & Do

Comar is a wonderful village and I highly recommend to explore the mysterious alleys and browse the shops. For such city walks comfy shoes, shorts, or a dress are essential. An on evenings I went for a long dress and my beloved Bali bag. 🙂

What are your essentials for the summer holidays? Are you looking for some Outfit- and packing inspiration? Or are you ready for your city trip?

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