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September 2011

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    This weekend I went to Brighton with two friends. I didn’t know that the seaside is only an hour by train from London. The city is so lovely and beautiful to walk around.
    Unfortunately it was very windy and rainy. We couldn’t stay long at the beach because we were freezing. But anyway we had a beautiful time ๐Ÿ™‚
    We were lucky and came across a lovely street market with lots of fruits and vegetables. Then we visited some local stores selling cute things. 
    Afterwards we went to the Royal Pavillion but didn’t stay for long because it started raining. Later in the afternoon we visited the beach and the pier.
    DSC0005-Kopie-1 Brighton

    DSC0006-Kopie Brighton

    DSC0013-Kopie Brighton

    DSC0016-Kopie Brighton
    DSC0017-Kopie Brighton

    DSC0018 Brighton

    DSC0019-Kopie Brighton

    DSC0028-Kopie Brighton
    DSC0029-Kopie Brighton
    royal pavillion
    DSC0032-Kopie Brighton

    DSC0037 Brighton

    DSC0041-Kopie Brighton

    DSC0045-Kopie Brighton

    DSC0053_2-Kopie Brighton

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