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Cake Pops

8261880088_608d71bc05_z Cake Pops
8260811519_86199c7849_z Cake Pops
8261881012_349b41d72b_z Cake Pops
8260811915_7134534717_z Cake Pops
8261879478_dc0ecda97b_z Cake Pops
8260808909_3d1f53e0d4_z Cake Pops
Hi my lovelies!
 Finally I posted the pictures from the Cake pops I made. Don’t they look super sweet?!
Oh, and I can tell you they really are! So after two days there were none left. My favorite
was the snowmen with white chocolate covering. Yummy
Some years ago I bought the Cake Pops book from bakerella and I’m always using the
recipe from there. It’s actually so easy to make and lots of fun with decorating :))
Ah I’m such in a Christmas baking mood! So… I guess more pictures coming
xx Michaela
Happy New Year!!
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