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Favorite Moments of 2014

collage1-778x1024 Favorite Moments of 2014

Here is a post packed with photos of my favorite outfits and moments from 2014. This year has been very exciting for myself and I’m very thankful for all the things I was able to do 🙂

In January I travelled to London and spent a few days with friends what was a great break after a very exhausting exam period. I had my first shooting with Bruno Eberli and I’m so happy with the results. Furthermore created lots of new flower crowns …

collage2-881x1024 Favorite Moments of 2014

February to may a lot of new outfits were snapped

collage3-1024x543 Favorite Moments of 2014

In June I had some great moments shooting with the talented Francesca 🙂 And I was preparing for the upcoming travels with my family….

collage4-911x1024 Favorite Moments of 2014

I think this was definitely the best time of my life. I was able to spend my vacation with my family in America. We travelled to Miami, Kanada and New York. It was our first time in the States and honestly I fell in love with the country and it’s people so deeply. Can’t even put everything in words…

collage5-1024x471 Favorite Moments of 2014

Back again in Switzerland I spent my summer around my hometown and enjoyed my free time.

collage6-1024x870 Favorite Moments of 2014

That was a big step for me as I decided to cut my hair in September. But somehow I really wanted to change my hairstyle and try something new. And I have to say I don’t regret it at all 🙂

collage7-1024x502 Favorite Moments of 2014

In October I spent again a few days in my favorite city – London for a short shopping trip.

collage8-1024x819 Favorite Moments of 2014

The end of the year it got a lot more quite on the blog as I spent more time offline. Baking for the christmas market and also focusing a lot more on myself.

All in all I’m so happy this year and also super thankful for you my dear followers! Thanks for supporting this blog and I hope we see us next year again.

!!!2015 LET’S GO!!!

Squirrels and Roses
Flowers in Winter

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