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Yoga Retreat & Birthday

P4207795-1024x768 Yoga Retreat & Birthday

P4207796-768x1024 Yoga Retreat & Birthday
P4207798-1024x768 Yoga Retreat & Birthday
P4207800-1024x768 Yoga Retreat & Birthday
P4207808-1024x768 Yoga Retreat & Birthday

Probably you noticed I’ve been away a gain for a while. However this time it was for my birthday and I went to a Yoga Retreat somewhere in the nature. Lately I realized that I hold less and less on materialistic things like clothes or bag etc. and get more delights from social life and small personal thing. The social media world bombards us everyday non stop with photos of others ‘perfect’ lives. We are exposed to constant stress and the flood of details keeps us distracted from our inner self and we often go through our days like a hamster in a wheel. What I want to tell you is, that from time to time it is good to switch the devices off and meditate or take a step back. It’s not easy (I still had my phone with me to snaps some photos) but definitely worth it. On my birthday I got a wonderful orchid from my parents and I love these flowers as they only bloom with the right care and exposure. Furthermore, I was looking for so long for a good wallet as mine was broken and I always had all my coins spread somewhere in my bag. And this Furla one I was dreaming of wasn’t available so I had to search for it quite a while. But the happier I am now. But still I mean you might say that is materialistic… My biggest present was the Yoga Retreat I went to. I think it really changed the way I see things and feel about myself.

IMG_6660-1024x1024 Yoga Retreat & Birthday
IMG_6663-1024x1024 Yoga Retreat & Birthday
IMG_6671-1024x1024 Yoga Retreat & Birthday
IMG_6692 Yoga Retreat & Birthday
visons-pavillon Yoga Retreat & Birthday
IMG_6644-768x1024 Yoga Retreat & Birthday
IMG_6660-1-1024x1024 Yoga Retreat & Birthday


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