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Memories of Rome

DSC_0275 Memories of Rome

DSC_0008 Memories of Rome
DSC_0017-1024x810 Memories of Rome
DSC_0048 Memories of Rome
DSC_0021Kopie Memories of Rome
DSC_0075Kopie Memories of Rome
DSC_0033 Memories of Rome
DSC_0243-1024x685 Memories of Rome
DSC_0318-1024x685 Memories of Rome

Hi guys! I can’t believe it but time flies by and it’s already three years ago when I last visited Rome. The ancient city as the capital of my second nationality (yes, I’m half Italian!) is the place I definitely want to visit again soon. Well, basically sitting in front of my books in the library for my upcoming final exams of my degree feels kind of strange but at the same time it make me craving traveling even more. I used to be such a sucker for art and historical places after high school. And now thinking of the summer months makes me really want to explore some new and old places again. I’ve got already some plans in my mind but currently I’m trying to focus on the subjects (I should study now therefore byebye wifi soon again ๐Ÿ˜›
So what are your plans for this summer ? Travel or enjoy your city?

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