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Will I ever grow up?

white-fairy-dress-wood-1 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-2 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-2a Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-4 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-5 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-6 Will I ever grow up?

Happy Monday!

Probably this weekend I was living to much in a bubble of fairies and Pokémon Go at the same time. I think the past few days I found myself day dreaming so much again. Somehow enjoying the moment of summer comeback and not carrying about any other tasks. I mean I spent most of the time outside, breathing in the fresh air and catching the sun light 🙂 After this super rainy week this was definitely deserved and I hope you did that too. But also the revival of Childhood memories aka. Pokémon Go. Honestly, I am again so hooked by these superficial figures I canot even explain 😛

Will I ever grow up?

Most likely not, but that’s ok. There are way too many serious things in life and in the world going on and therefore it’s ok to bring back memories of a carefree childhood from time to time. And so did I wearing this dress… Feeling like a fairy from a magical world where everythings is good and in place. No hate, war and cruelty…  Isn’t this flower crochet and the open back to die for? I love the lightness of the fabric and the bright white color so much 🙂 So fresh and light I might be jumping around on my days off. Not only Pokémons stepped into my mind after many years, also this old bag which I found at a flea market rested in the wardrobe for many years now.

I know it’s Monday again – and if you’re not on holiday this means work… Instead of catching Pokémons or dancing in a fairy dress we have to be (at least a bit) adults again, right?! Or did you catch any Taubsis on the train?! 😛

Anyway, next weekend will come soon again 🙂

Have a great week <3

white-fairy-dress-wood-7 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-8 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-8a Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-8b Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-9 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-10 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-10a Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-10b Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-11 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-12 Will I ever grow up?white-fairy-dress-wood-0 Will I ever grow up?

dress – Lightinthebox* / shoes – River Island / bag – vintage

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