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The pumpkin story

Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_1 The pumpkin story

“I will keep moving forward, forever forward, towards and endless dream, and a thousand pumpkin lights.”

Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_1a The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_2 The pumpkin story

dress – Topshop / jumper – Asos / tights – Topshop (old) / shoes – Vintage / Necklace – Wiggles*

Hello my lovelies!

Just popping in and saying hello on this wonderful Monday morning. I’m fully in backing preparation for the local Christmas Market where my mom and I will sell our homemade cookies and cupcakes. So if you are around don’t hesitate to visit us at one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Switzerland

But now lets talk about the outfit! As many of you might already have heard – I’m a huge fan of pumpkins in any form. Inspired by other bloggers and Pinterest I wanted to create a photo series on a pumpkin field. However, when we drove to the farmers place we expected one there was nothing pumpkin-like around. Only apples and animals 😉 Already a bit disappointed as I really intended to shoot my former Prom dress in a casual surrounding. Surprisingly on the way back home we came along this sweet stall with an overload of beautiful orange pumpkins. So I just had to stop! And I guess you can see from the photos how happy I was 😀

Originally, the dress was only meant for my Graduation. However, after it was hanging for a few month in my closet I really wanted to wear it but not feeling too overdressed. Therefore I styled it with some long loved pieces… The flower tights remind me of London as I got inspired to wear more patterns when I saw the amazing street style in London. But also the shoes mean a lot to me as I received them from a friend because they did not fit her… The luckiest gem for me 🙂 The rather cosy outfit got along so well with the cute and delicate necklace from Wiggles. I guess nature from top to bottom and surrounded by pumpkin.  Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_3 The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_3a The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_4 The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_5 The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_5a The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_6 The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_6a The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_7 The pumpkin story

Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_9 The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_10 The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_11 The pumpkin story

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” Henry David Thoreau

Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_13 The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_14 The pumpkin story Orange_Pumpkin_Vintage_15 The pumpkin story

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