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Self-Care – It’s not just a Trend!

“Don’t neglect yourself as your soul longs to be accepted and loved by you.”
― Latika TeotiaSwiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-1a Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-4 Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-3a Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-3 Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!

The term “self-care” has become a popular topic all over Social Media and the News, particularly in regards to mental health. But what is  self-care and why it can be so beneficial to yourself?

I was introduced to self-care some time ago when I felt the inner urge to grow and I started reading different books, including Eckhardt Tolles writings. I started learning to see the patterns in my life from a different perspective. And step by step I wanted to change it to the better so I can be overall happier and more satisfied with myself.

This term describes the actions that you might take in order to reach optimal physical and mental health. Self-care can be anything from getting a massage, to going to the beach or eating at your favorite restaurant. But more than that, it means being mindful of and caring about your own daily needs. Very basic but the more important: Don’t be a workaholic. Take time for a lunch break, for a daily walk in the nature.. Take time for your hobbies, your family, and your friends.

Really, self-care shows in different facets because it is about taking the time to refresh, re-center and reconnect yourself.

For me, when I am having a difficult time, self-care could be anything from going for a walk, explore a new place or just rest at home with a good book or my family. Knowing how to practice good self-care can be vital in dealing with depression, anxiety, or even just the pressures of day-to-day life that can so frequently feel overwhelming

Often, when we attempt to meet the needs of family, employers, kids, friends, or society before meeting our own needs, we impede our self-care routines and actually make ourselves less able to be positive influences in the lives of those around us. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish — Contrary, it will allow you to care for the people you love in a more impactful way.

Self-care is more than just taking time for yourself; it’s about knowing yourself. Knowing when you are getting to your limits mentally and emotionally, and stepping back to replenish yourself.

Sometimes the topic of mental health can make us feel uncomfortable, but mental health (just like physical health) needs to be looked after too. When we ignore our mental health, we’re harming ourselves. Your body tells you when it needs to rest. Your mind can let you know when it needs to be recharged. The trick is listening and not ignoring it.

Next time you are feeling down, practice your own version of self-care and see if it helps to relax, re-center, and refresh yourself both mentally and emotionally.

The summer months are perfectly to care about yourself and refill the sun and energy for the colder winter months. What is your self-care practice?

Shoes – Kiomi / Hat – H&M (Similar) / Dress – Zaful

Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-4a Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-6a Self-Care – It's not just a Trend![show_shopthepost_widget id=”2759330″]Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-6 Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-5 Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!
“Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.”
― bell hooks
Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-7 Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-9 Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-9b Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-8 Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!
“Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace.”
― Nikki Rowe
Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-9c Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!Swiss-Summer-Outfit-Streetstyle-Swiss-Blogger-Schweizer-Modeblog-10 Self-Care – It's not just a Trend!

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    The dress design are cute, they would all look lovely on you.

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