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Small Guide to Minimalism for Fashion Bloggers


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“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Happy Weekend! So you might be wondering why I am less frequently posting on here. And to be honest, on one side it’s a bit lack of creativity but the most actually that it simply does not feel so right at the moment to post outfits… After packing everything into boxes and moving, I just unpacked the most essential things for Bali. Traveling for a month and living out of the suitcase felt so good and freeing. In fact, I did not miss anything.
So when I came back I wanted to face the challenge I was literally avoiding beforehand. Sure, I knew that too many pieces of clothing, accessories or shoes do not add any value but rather make me unhappy and stressed. At the same time, I attached some sentimental value to them and wasn’t ready to let them go. But not so after Bali and a lot of inspiration from the minimalists and other minimalism bloggers and youtubers.

Hand in hand with implementing more mindfulness in my life, the need to declutter and free myself of unnecessary belongings came naturally. To begin creating a more mindful and minimal wardrobeΒ first I needed to spring clean your old one. Not easy when you own many MANY clothes πŸ˜› Do this regularly to make sure you’re not overlooking anything or hoarding items you never wear.

Five Steps To Refresh Your Wardrobe

  1. Empty: Take everything out and start sorting into three piles (‘stay‘, ‘maybe’ and ‘go‘)
  2. Analyse: Try everything on, be honest and be critical; define your style
  3. Organise: Identify basics and establish outfits; organize the space for the clothing
  4. Say Goodbye: Be ruthless; keep only items that make you look and feel good
  5. Repeat: Seasonally or monthly sort out the clothes you still didn’t wear.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Do I wear this regularly?
  2. Does this item fit into my overall style?
  3. Is the item versatile?
  4. Is it comfortable and flattering? Do I feel good wearing it?
  5. Do I love wearing this item or do I just like the way it looks on the hanger?

Only keep what you enjoy wearing, what is in good condition, and what makes you feel comfortable. If you haven’t worn something in six months you probably don’t really like it all that much and since the goal is to own only pieces of clothing that you wear regularly and love, then it’s wise to get rid of anything unworn.

You don’t need to throw away everything you own;Β minimalism can be practiced in any household in a way that suits you. Minimalism and simple living is about simplifying through making room in your life for things that add value by getting rid of the things that don’t. Final note: I am by no ways a minimalist, but I think that with the start of the new season it’s a good time to take a step forward and rid of the overwhelming and unnecessary stuff.

If you are facing a rainy weekend like here in Switzerland, your wardrobe will surely thank you for the time devotion πŸ˜‰ And you can sell your clothes on a local flea market or on the Internet, give it to friends or charity. Let me know if you liked this small guide to minimalism for fashion blogger, because I’d love to share more ideas and own learnings with you guys πŸ™‚

shirt – H&MΒ / watch – Fossil / Shoes – Dosenbach / Skirt – Mint&BerryΒ Β 

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