About Michaela

Fashion_Recap_2016_10-480x235 About Michaela

Welcome to Michaelablog

This small creative platform has been created in 2012. Since the beginning the content is mainly driven by Michaela’s interests and covers fashion and travel articles. Fashion has been a huge passion in her life. And since spending half a year in London she felt incredibly inspired to curate and express her creativity through art and fashion. Next to designing her own flower hairbands and paintings for handbags she loves to capture valuable moments in photographs. Her style is always evolving and becoming more classy but undeniably obvious is her passion for any kind of patterns and colours. She never seems to leave the house without a colourful (and most likely flowery) piece of clothing. As she always says:

„Colours and flowers make me happy.“

The Swiss-Italian creative has been born and raised in the beautiful country of Switzerland and is currently also based in the middle of the Alps. Michaela holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of St.Gallen and is currently working full time in a Marketing and Communication work environment. This fall she continues her studies with a Master in Marketing, Service- and Communications Management at the University of St.Gallen, before hopefully moving to London (the city of her dreams).

Since this May she is a Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and started sharing her passion for Yoga with fellow like-minded yogis. Through that way of living she pursues to find her inner peace. Calmness and happiness is not easy to obtain, especially in this hectic and performance driven society, but she believes that it is important to care for one selves…

Hopefully you get inspired and follow Michaelablog 🙂